[BETA] 1.0.1 Released


Hello @propboard_testers,

Version 1.0.1 released. You can update using the Board Manager in the Arduino IDE.


SD library

  • You can now write to the SD card. There is the new SD library, compatible with the original Arduino one, except for objects like Sd2Card and SdVolume that are not available in our platform. To use the library, add <SD.h> to the top of your sketch. In many examples you will see that the sketch configures the SPI Chip Select when calling SD.begin(). In our version, the parameter passed to SD.begin() will be ignored.

LedStrip library

  • There is the new LedStrip::shimmer function.
  • Values passed to LedStrip::set are now brightness/color corrected.

LED api

  • There is the new HBLED::setMultiplier function that can be used to modify brightness of the LED while executing an effect, allowing you to create effects like “shimmering ramps”.


  • Removed the 1 second start-up time for the accelerometer (seems that 50ms is enough).
  • Several bugfixes.
  • Updated documentation.

Led strip function