Adding Sound Files to a Micro SD Card


Figure I’d make a new topic here for reference for future PropBoard users.

After encountering a series of problems, I’ve reformatted my MicroSD card and reuploaded my code via the Arduino IDE software. However, adding back the sounds is proving frustrating.

Since the Propboard doesn’t appear in Windows Explorer as a drive, I’m using a MicroSD-to-SD Card adapter, placing the adapter in my digital camera, and connecting that to my PC, which is read as a device which I can open, and–you’d think–add and remove files.

After downloading and renaming the lightsaber sounds as described here, I can’t copy them onto the card! I somehow managed to get them onto the card several months ago, but can’t seem to do it now.

Any idea how I can upload wav files to the MicroSD Card?


It’s more related to SD or PC issues than to the PropBoard, but this is what I suggest:

  1. Something related to the write switch? Like this (just the first 3 paragraphs)?
  2. Try with another adapter.
  3. Try with another SD.
  4. Try with a proper USB-SD card reader connected to the PC.
  5. Try to format the SD with the official SD formatter.


Got it! I just used my phone’s SD card slot, and then connected that to my PC. Worked like a charm. I guess my camera doesn’t like to have stuff written to the SD card unless it’s a photo taken by the camera itself. :slight_smile: