AK-4XRS485 USB to RS485/422 Converter

Hello. I just have bought your AK-4XRS485 USB to RS485/422 Converter module. I’m going to use it with some modbus rs485 devices. The problem is - it doesn’t work. Seems that all channels have local echo. I’m using libmodbus and it always returns error. With another adapter it works good, but not with your. So my question is it possible to disable local echo? Is it normal behaviour? Is my AK-4XRS485 USB to RS485/422 Converter broken? How we can do in that case? Thank you!

Hi @denisiussion,

Yes, the board comes with echo enabled by default. It requires a hardware modification to enable the echo cancellation.

For every driver you have to desolder pin 2 and join it with pin 3.

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thank you for quick answer. I will try to do these modifications.

I have done these modifications. Works good. Thank you!