Ak-cmsis-dap fw

Noticed my AK-CMSIS-DAP says “CMSIS-DAP: FW Version = 1.2” and CMSIS-DAP firmware doc says “CMSIS-DAP v1.x is deprecated”. Is there a pre-compiled CMSIS-DAP FW v2.1.1 for AK-CMSIS-DAP?

Hello @mendi_jenry,

We don’t have a pre-compiled V2.1.1 version for AK-CMSIS-DAP.

The V1.2 version shown is our internal version number, and we started the project using the specifications of CMSIS-DAP version 1.1.

Can you provide information on why you need an upgrade? Which feature from v2.1.1 do you need?

I mainly got stuck on the deprecated part and wanted to make sure nothing incompatible could cause problems going forward.