AK-DS2482S-100 & Raspberry pi PERL

Hi there!!

I plan to purchase an AK-DS2482S-100 module to improve the communication of raspberry pi with DS18b20 temp modules (raspberry pi w1 bus crashes after some minutes, with more than 2 sensors conecteds) …I try some configurations(external power, 3.3v and 5v power supply, bus topology etc… and more or less same bad result.

My actual script, that make several other things, is in perl language … I found some examples in python but I can’t found in perl … is there any simple example of simple code in perl??


Hi @xavig,

After a quick search, we couldn’t find any Perl code we can test easily. But what about something like the following: https://raspberryblog.de/?p=2293 ?

Using the DS2482S it access the DS18B20 module temperature as a file, so I believe it can be read as any other file, and thus accessible through Perl (or any other language for that matter).

Hi Ivan!!

Finally I received the module and test with some 18b20 probes.
it’s very easy!! following the instructions of the provided the link, only need to change:
$sensor_temp = ‘owread /28.E10779970103/temperature’; instead of :
$sensor_temp = cat /sys/bus/w1/devices/28-020c9246d86e/w1_slave 2>&1;

the numeration changes but is the same!!
owfs also have a simple litle webserver to see the devices detecteds and their id’s, etc… its good


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