AK-RS232-TESTER - RS232 Cable Tester

I would like to know about the AK-RS232-TESTER card - RS232 Cable Tester accepts signals up to 12Vdc on a GPS antenna.
This is to test a signal 0 / + 12Vdc between terminals 6-5 and a modulated signal between terminals 3/8 (unknown frequency).

best regards Emmanuel

Hello @manusoda

If I understood correctly, you want to connect a GPS antenna to the RS232 cable tester?

If the frequency is too high you’ll probably will see a very dim LED.

If you see the schematics of the AK-RS232-TESTER you’ll see that it’s just an LED with a resistor (for every signal). With this I want to say you can easily emulate the result by using a LED and a resistor for your signal.