Arduino Nano Compatability with Propboard Prohect?


Good Morning,

We are looking at putting together a going away gift for our boss and were looking at this project here:

Our question is: Can we use an Arduino Nano to replace the called for PropBoard? the 60+ Euro price is a little out of our range at the moment and something like the Arduino Nano is a little more feasible.

Thank you for any feedback you may provide.

  • Zach


Hello @rayshazz,

I’m not really sure but I know the Arduino Nano won’t work as a “drop-in” replacement.

You’ll have to use some external boards to compensate what the PropBoard already integrates (SD card, amplifier, LED driver, accelerometer, etc.), and you’ll have to revise the 3d prints to fit the hardware

The code of the tutorial will not be compatible and need a rewrite from scratch, since it uses special, integrated functions that work only with the PropBoard.

In a few words, aside from the idea, it may be a whole different project that has little to do with the one proposed in the tutorial.


Hi…the Uno and Nano use different USB drivers so when first plugged into your PC you have to point to different USB drivers to install but both drivers are distributed in the current IDE. Once installed you just select Uno or Nano (depending on what you actually use) from the IDE board selection menu, and the proper com port selection, and after that they are no difference in coding either type board. They of course have different form factors, the Uno being able to accept ‘shield boards’ while the nano can be directly plugged into a solderless breadboard.
As you get more proficient in using arduino, one can actually install the Uno bootloader into a Nano module and after that one selects Uno as board type, which gives you faster sketch uploads and a little more flash memory size.

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