ARTEKIT AK-DS2480B-UART getting started?

I would like to connected the ARTEKIT AK-DS2480B-UART to some of the Silicon Labs development board to test DS18b20 temperature sensor with Z-Wave and Matter over Thread.

I have in the past connected a Winsen MH-Z14A like shown in this picture: zwave-multilevel-sensor/images/sensor_hardware.jpg at main · olavt/zwave-multilevel-sensor (

It was no problem writing commands to the CO2-sensor and getting answers back.

I have been trying to get the same to work with the ARTEKIT AK-DS2480B-UART, but have not been able to get the communication going. Sending data seems successful, but I always get 0 bytes when calling reads from the UART.

This some code I have tested with:

  char buffer[10];

  sl_iostream_t* sensor_stream = sl_iostream_get_handle("exp");
  uint8_t command = _UART1WIRE_COMMAND_MODE;

  sl_status_t status = sl_iostream_write(sensor_stream, &command, sizeof(command));

  command = _UART1WIRE_RESET;
  status = sl_iostream_write(sensor_stream, &command, sizeof(command));

  size_t bytes_read;
  status = sl_iostream_read(sensor_stream, &buffer, sizeof(buffer), &bytes_read);

The baud rate is set to 9600 baud, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control.

I’,m not sure what pins are required to connect. I have tried with GND, +5V, RX, TX. I have also tried with VPP in addition connected to +5V.

Right now, there are no DS18b20 connected to the 1-wire.

It should still be possible to communicate with the ARTEKIT AK-DS2480B-UART?

What could be the problem?

Hello @Izvor,

Can you provide a connection diagram of how is the board being connected?

Also please note that the AK-DS2480B board is a 4.5V-5V board, and this also means that the TTL signals (TX and RX) are also 4.5V-5V.

I am not familiar with the ZGM230-DK2603A board but it seems the ZGM230S is a 3.3V component, so the TTL signals must be translated (using something like this). Also the 5V going from the TX pin of the AK-DS2408B might be damaging the ZGM230S (if the pin is not 5V tolerant).

All this info is contained in the manual too. Here is the link: Artekit AK-DS2480B-UART | Artekit Labs Tutorials