Audio initialization time/delay

Hey guys.

There seems to be a 5 second delay from powering on the board, to actually being able to play audio.

I call audio.begin() as soon as power is applied, but the sound doesn’t play back until after approximately 5 seconds - is there a way around this, or is it simply the amount of time it takes to initialize?

Cheers, Lewis

There is 1 second lost in the bootloader if you download a sketch (reset from the reset pin) or by plugging the USB connector. I don’t think there is a delay for a POR (power on reset, for example, when you plug the batteries), but I can check.

1 second is lost initializing the accelerometer (needs 1 sec power-up ramp) and the codec needs ~900ms after start sending MCLK (when Audio.begin is called) in order to play audio, otherwise it misses the first samples. Perhaps I can do something to save the second lost for the accelerometer start-up.

That should be around 2 seconds on power-up.

Ah, I see.

I’ve only dealt with standard DAC’s in the past - is there any benefit to using this particular codec?

Cheers, Lewis

Hi. I’m not sure what you want to know… If compared to a traditional DAC (SPI or I2C), this is I2S. Then I could say price/quality ratio and that is programmable through I2C. Probably also because we used it in the past.

Oh, okay.

We were just curious, as we’ve never come across this setup in lightsabers before.