Firmware Version

I bought a Propboard two years ago. I fried some piece of the board; not sure which. (See this thread.) Now I need to buy another one. But now I see there’s a “Programmed with” option with either “Just bootloader” or “PBSaber firmware”. I don’t recall seeing this option in the past. Any idea which version I ordered before? I’m guessing “Just bootloader”, but I want to be sure.

Hi @Joecool,

Both options include the bootloader (the piece of program that makes downloading from the Arduino IDE possible).

“Programmed with PBSaber” means that we also pre-program the PBSaber program for customers that want to user the board without the need of downloading the PBSaber program with the Arduino IDE.

So if you are programming with the Arduino IDE both options are OK.

BUMP: Talk about a late reply! I’ve had several other projects come up over the past year, so I’m only now getting back to this.

Thanks, Ivan. So, the PBSaber option is just a program that comes with it, and I can override it by just deleting the program and putting mine in its place? Alternatively, I could just buy the version with just the bootloader then upload my program?

(My program is attached for reference.)

sketch_jun21.ino (12.1 KB)

Yes, to both questions.

The PBSaber option comes with bootloader + PBSaber sketch. The PBSaber program is just a sketch ( as any other. When you purchase the board with the PBSaber option, we preprogram that sketch so you can use the board with your lightsaber prop without requiring any programming/coding. You can overwrite the PBSaber sketch anytime.

The “Bootloader only” option come with just the bootloader and without any sketch (I might have to check if the board is still shipped with the sketch we use to test the boards).