Identify font on profile switch


First off… Love the propboard and pbSaber project. Very simple and easy to use (amost) right out of the box

Question is for an identification of font on profile change. Have name = dragon … On fonts but only hearing the the utility click when changing

Am I missing something?

Thanks so much

Hello @jackwlongjr,

Thank you for the kind words.

Can you post the configuration you are using and the folder where the font is located?

Also, if you connect the USB cable to a PC and open the Arduino Serial Console (at 115200) you will see a some debug messages that can help to understand what’s going on.

Ahh… Figured it out. Realized with debug that : name = “path to .wav” was a file we didn’t have. Then noticed we had a menu.wav in there and renamed it. It works.

Maybe I missed something in the manual. Anyway… Glad realized the issue and that it was an easy correction.

Thanks so much


Thank you for the feedback.