LED Connectors?

Are the Propboard LED terminals designed to be used with certain types of connectors? Personally, I’d love to be able to attach screw terminals to the thing so I can connect and disconnect my LED wires as needed. (This would prevent toasting my board if I have to connect and disconnect things multiple times.) But any connector, easily removable or not, could useful to me.

I recently bought ones similar to these, but their footprint sticks a little too far into the rest of the board.

Hello @Joecool,

The LED terminals were not designed to fit any particular connector. These are terminals with 0.1" 2.54 (mm) pitch so you can try with smaller screw terminals like these: https://www.artekit.eu/products/components/screw-terminal-pack-of-3/

I tried it here with a PropBoard and seems to fit OK.