Only works while usb connected to pc

Im using 3.7v battery, 2 buttons & rgb leds.
Ive loaded fonts & config.ini onto sd card.

I then upload PBSaber.ino from PBSaber_v1.0.0 file through Arduino 1.8.9
With usb still connected, it all works. Buttons, sound & leds.
However when I disconnect the usb cable, nothing works anymore.
Ive tried the process several times.

Both with or without usb connected I get 3.7v at battery connections, 3.3v at the two 3.3v pins but only 0.08v at 5v pin.
I don’t actually know what I should be getting at 5v pin as only using 3.7v battery.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong please.

Hello @rob.tr4

Strange indeed.

  1. Have you modified the board to run with a single battery as per instructions?

  2. Is the ground from the battery firmly connected to the GND pad?

  3. What configuration file are you using? Can you post/attach it?

Thank you.

It’s working now. Strange, I haven’t done anything different, been trying for most of the week. It obviously needed me to accept defeat and ask for help :grinning:.
Thanks for replying so quickly though. I can now start tinkering with settings now.