Pbsaber no action


I was excited to finally receive my new propboard loaded with pb saber. So I decided to give it a little test with a 24mm 4 ohm speaker, momentary switch, and powered by a typical 9v battery. I am planning on using neopixels but thought it wise to test everything else first. No joy, so I tried loading a sketch via usb and it uploaded with no problems. Tested a few bits with my multimeter. Power and ground confirmed on the pads and 5v and ground working on the input/output pads. Speaker is not open, resistance is 4 ohms. Could a mistake in the sd card files cause no action?


Haha, nevermind. In my haste I had renamed the config file in the sd as config.ini whereas it should have simply been an ini file named “config”

Sounds amazing!


Thanks for the feedback.

Sometimes Windows hide file extensions, so if you rename a config.ini file you may end up with a config.ini.ini file in the SD.

In any case, if you connect the USB and open the Serial console in the Arduino IDE you will see a lot of messages that help you diagnose problems like that.


Thanks Ivan. It was exactly as you say, double ini. I should have look at the serial console and probably saved myself some time. At least I got to laugh at myself for the simplicity of my mistake.