Pbsaber sound fonts

Hello all, I recently added some fonts (korriban and the balance) to my saber build. I had to change some files names to eliminate the ones numbered with zeros ahead of numbers. However, one font simply will not work. It is a smoothswing version of the balance. I tried deleting the smoothswing files but when I load the font on a profile it just uses Barlow instead. What have I done wrong? Did I simply buy the wrong font? Would bitrate or frequency play a role?

Well silly me! It was in fact frequency. I used audacity to change every file to the same frequency as the other fonts and it works great now.

Hi @cmac,

Yes. All font files have to be of the same frequency. I believe smoothswing fonts are 44k so, indeed, you have to use Audacity to bring them down to 22k (or the others to 44k) as you did.