Please welcome PBSaber


We are super excited to present you our latest PropBoard project. It’s called PBSaber!

PBSaber is a project for the PropBoard, that turns your PropBoard into a complete lightsaber sound/light/motion board that you can use without writing a single line of code.

Here’s a demo:

Among its features:

  • Configuration file.
  • Clash, stab, blaster, spin, swing and force effects.
  • Several LED effects.
  • Supports HBLEDs and LED strips as well.
  • Support for monophonic and polyphonic fonts.
  • User-defined profiles.

It’s very easy to use and install. And as always, 100% source code available.

You can find everything you need to know in the PBSaber manual.

I hope you like it! And let us know what you think!

Have fun!


Wow! Fantastic work!!

Does anyone have suggestions for an affordable hilt/blade that will fit the PropBoard?


Hello @frodesto,


I had mine from folks at 7 chambers. They also gave me a model for a 3D printed chassis, that I printed it myself, for the PropBoard. You can see both in the PropBoard product page.

For the price it’s probably better to ask them.


Thanks! I will check it out.

You have developed awesome electronics and software for a lightsaber. Getting a hilt and blade that will fit is the only missing piece now. It can be a bit of a challenge to do this yourself if you are new to this kind of stuff. Some of the hilts you can buy online are also very expensive, so trial and error is not a very tempting approach. If someone has assembled a complete lightsaber with the PropBoard I would love to see a post about it.


I know, but I think you can find empty hilts for under 100 bucks. The rest is to fit the PropBoard into some chassis. I’ll check if I can freely give the model for the one I have.

Rolightsaber made a couple of models with the PropBoard, like this one. But, I am afraid these are four-figures incredible pieces of art.


The chassis has been uploaded to Thingiverse:


Great! Thanks. One step closer to actually building this… :slight_smile: