PropBoard BETA Test



We have opened this new section of the forum to give support and to receive your valuable feedback about the PropBoard. We are also migrating from the old forum to this new Discourse-based one. Whatever issue you may find while using the forum you can report it by sending an email to

This section is only accessible (for now) to those who received a BETA board and are willing to give feedback and ask questions. So feel free to create a new post!

We also have a new documentation system currently dedicated to the PropBoard. There you will find information about installation and APIs.

Thank you for testing the PropBoard!



Hi @Ivan,
are there specific tests you want us to do?



Hi @Mangaman,
the best test would be to create your own prop and find software and hardware corner cases like you were doing in the past days (we really appreciate it!). For example to use different sound files other than the proposed in the tutorials, or enclosing the board in a prop case (hilt or toy gun, etc.) and check if it does what you expect. All this while moving away from the basic tutorial sketch towards more complex programs while getting familiar with the board and API to create new kind of props.

Of course, we did and we are still doing our own tests and we already have validated the hardware, but we want to cover functional test cases before launch.