PropBoard news and more


Hi everyone,

We are near the launch date. The PropBoard is on SMT process right now, so we expect them this week. It should be a matter of putting together the product page for sale, updating the documentation and creating a Github repo.

The final version is quite similar to the BETA board. It has a few small corrections: moved the USB connector a little to the center, added some circuitry to deal with the LED drivers soft-start and improved the power supply. There will be some differences in the documentation and software in regards of the BETA board, but since we gave ~20 BETA boards away we should dedicate a thread here in the forum detailing those differences and how to deal with them so you can still use them.

In the meantime we’ve assembled a demo saber prop. The hilt, blade and chassis were kindly provided by the folks at 7 chambers (@incentivegaminglp in the forum). Here are some quick pictures.

It’s a ~33mm “stunt, weathered, battle veteran look” saber, in a single battery cell configuration, with a 20" speaker and a Cree XP-E2 RGB LED @ 700mA.

We’ve been also doing some 3D printing for a tutorial featuring a gun (guess the name of the gun and win the internet!).

That’s all for now. Since the BETA phase should be ending soon, we will set to ‘public’ this section of the forum anytime. I’m not sure, but you may receive a bunch of emails for earned badges and fancy forum awards.

Thank you BETA testers for the feedback and bug reports, and a big thank you to all the tester that were active in the forum.