PropBoard Power supply



I have a question about the power supply.
If i use only one cell of 3,7V 3400mAh as it’s describe in your documentation, what will be the performance impact on the board ?



Hi @Dadoo,

Other than what is described here about LEDs and audio there are no performance issues regarding processor speed (always running at 84MHz) or data transfer from the SD card.

The amplifier will be powered through the 3.3V LDO so the output power will be lower, but constant even if your 3.7V battery drops, and the 5V pin on the board will be disconnected.


I have a similar question: (Figured I should jump onto this thread rather than make a new one.)

I’m using the 5.5V to 12V configuration of the Propboard. However, I’m wondering if it’s possible for me to use 4x AAA batteries (1.5V each) instead of 2x 3.7V batteries. I know the total voltage will be lower–only 6V instead of 7.4V–but since this is still above the minimum 5.5V, should my Propboard still work with this power supply? (I imagine it will just for a shorter period of time, since once the voltage drops below 5.5V, it will stop functioning?)



Any power supply between 5.5V and 12V is OK but when using 4 AAA batteries the voltage will drop down to 4.8V when they hit the discharge curve. It’s not that the PropBoard will stop working right away under 5.5V. We pushed it down to ~3V in our tests and it still works, but out of specs. If used with the 5.5V/12V range, at about 4.5V there is some distortion on the audio. LEDs continue to work (since the LED drivers work with the non-regulated input voltage).

You can try and see if it fits your needs, but out of specs. It will mostly depend on how much current the board is consuming. Probably the best is to use the Power API readBattery function and go into low power at a given voltage of your choice.