PropBoard v1.0.3 Roadmap

Hi all,

We plan to release a software update before the end of the year (if time allows it).

We are working on some new features, and we are open to hear suggestions from you about what would you like to see, as in new tutorials or features/libraries for the PropBoard.

On the roadmap we have:

  • PropConfig: a library to easily read and write config files. Sort of INI file with sections.
  • There are some RGB LED strips currently traveling here that we would like to implement: APA102/APA102C and SK6812RGBW.
  • We are experimenting with some lightweight pitch shift effects to add to the WavPlayer and WavChainPlayer.
  • The pitch effect will also be added to a new PropVoice library to capture, process and output voice. We are running feasibility tests that have nothing to do with the following picture whatsoever :smile: