Rotation detection



I have a question about the accelerometer.
is that possible to detect a rotation on an specified axis ?

If yes how ?




With the accelerometer you can measure linear motion, so the short answer to the question would be no. I am not quite an expert on the matter, but there is a lot of literature you can find online regarding, for example, sensing orientation, inclination or tilt, that can be applied to the PropBoard as is.

For measuring rotation you would need a gyroscope, or better, a gyro + accelerometer combo (in a future PropBoard version we can replace the accelerometer with a 6-axis IMU). There is also the option to add an external gyro, read the values and combine them with the data from the accelerometer.


That’s very disappointing that it only has 3-axis functionality, but I suppose I should have looked more carefully at the documentation before purchasing the PropBoard.

I would love a tutorial on adding rotation detection at some point in the (near) future.

Thanks for the straightforward answer, Ivan!