Unexpected but cool PBSaber behavior

I have been testing my saber build with propboard as the guts and came across a very odd yet kinda cool behavior. I have a few fonts installed and two are smoothswing versions. I managed to rip and add some sounds of my own and have had fun doing it. But last night I accidentally did a “Pull back” towards myself while twisting and tapping the FX button. When I did a random voice track played. Now the funny thing is I know there are tracks on that font but I have not added the required script in the INI file to make them play. Each time I did the movement another track played.

So now to the why. Is it possible that some of the smoothswing ini script or possibly proffie script in the font file has done something odd to the propboard? I think it is pretty cool but I have to know why.

mmm sounds like a force effect (swing while pressing the FX button), maybe?

Can you identify the name of the sound files?

The software reads only config.ini and nothing else, so it’s improbable that it’s reading another configuration file.