Want to build a Mjolnir with sound effects

Hi, i have a Thor Ragnarok cosplay and want to make a Mjolnir prop. Kinda want it to have lights and sounds. How easy is it to modify the lightsaber code to work for a hammer instead of a lightsaber. I have little to zero coding experience.

Want some kind of thunder cracling as idle sound and a few swing sounds and hit. Ill problably manage to get audio from somewere online.

Hi @SereturAlion,

If the behavior of your prop is similar to a lightsaber then you can purchase the PropBoard with the PBSaber firmware (https://www.artekit.eu/doc/guides/propboard-pbsaber/), and adjust the configuration file as explained in the link to play the sounds you want.

If you have ever programmed an Arduino then programming the PropBoard should be similar (same IDE, same Arduino base functions, etc.).

I might do that, but have never programmed an Aruduino of any kind. Thinking of getting an Arduino too and learn

and yes i think it wil be like a lighsaber with modifications