Health emergency, state of Artekit labs


Very off topic but curious if you are weathering this Covid-19 emergency okay, Ivan? I hope you are as well as is possible.


Hi @cmac,

Thank you for the interest!

Yes, we were thinking about making a blog post telling how the situation is lived here @ Artekit. We are all fine so far, and we have adopted due precautionary measures. Our region/province was not hit as hard as the northern regions, but still, we were in contact with people from all Italy/Europe in the last past months.

We are open as usual: the four of us at R&D and support (including me and the other co-founder) are working remotely (as we often do) whenever we can. There is a skeleton crew at testing/packaging and administration, receiving and shipping your orders.

As long as the shipping services are working (DHL and Poste), we are open for business.